Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Prayer and Priesthood Blessings

Hey mom and dad guys guess what I might be training next transfer or
the transfer after! O.o this week was good. We had like 22 lessons
with recent converts and less actives and we had like 10 lessons with
investigators. Lanny is coming home thank you for praying for him he
is all healed the missionaries in the valley gave him a blessing in
the blessing they said Lenny you will have no problem recovering other
than the infection. It has been like a month and he is all healed
other than the piece of his skull on his head is missing so they are
gonna put back together or use titanium to make the piece of skull his
face on one side is all droopy because the part of skull is gone.

Well how are you all doing can you believe that it is already November
Ashley comes home sooo soon!! 

So my companion elder cox if you go back on dads side is my 4th cousin
1 time removed so hahaha me and my companion are related!

Well there is a lot of work to do here. Sorry it's short but I don't
have much time so at is all I'm gonna write.

I'm out!

Elder Walker

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