Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 Mission Life

There was soooo much that goes into the restoration

Preparing for the Restoration
The Renaissance
The Protestant Reformation
Events in America
And sooo much goes into each of those topics I've mentioned above. So study up. As Ezra Taft Benson said study the constitution that is my commitment to you all.

So life I was sick yesterday I was super duper dizzy and my body lost soooo much strength. I had like 5 nosebleeds because the air is sooo dry. The nosebleeds would last like 15 minutes of constant running well the last one I had I almost fell over while taking care of it. I was not feeling good at all I laced down on the couch and my body was soooo weak. Well I am better now!!!! We meet the new mission president today. Well I already have he came to me shook my hand gave me a hug, asked me my name, asked where I was from and then went on his way. So brief but good I get to receive trainings from him later today!!!

We have started the stop smoking program in our wards. It is a 15 step program that will allow people to quit smoking in 7 days!!!!! Doesn't matter how long they have been trying. This one lady we did it with had been smoking for 15 years and in 7 days she was repulsed by cigarettes when she smelled them she almost throws up now.

Well I'll tell you more next week!!!

Elder Walker

Monday, July 4, 2016

July 4, 2016 Happy 4th!!!

4th of July was awesome!!!!!! Happy birthday dad!!!!! You are getting to be an old man!!! Hahahaha. Love you. Guys I've been out over a year everyone says time just flies when you hit your year mark!!!

Yesterday there were tons of people!!!!! Oh man the firework show was pretty awesome!!!! I LOVE FIREWORKS!!!!!!! Maybe that will be my job making fireworks. Anyways. At 4:30 we got up and went to the park where they shot off a cannon like 20 times it was SUPER loud!!!!!!
Then we started cooking pancakes at 5:00 started serving at like 6:00 and cooked and flipped pancakes until like 9-9:30 it was awesome!!!!

I have gotten to go under 2 houses one to turn on a hose I crawled under and gave the little knob a half turn and boom it was good!!!! The second house was We took out the floor in brother trails house we worked for like 4-5 hours we pounded the dirt and made the crawl space bigger we dug like 6-7 inches down in the dirt and that made a bigger space where we could get underneath. So I went underneath the house lots of spiderwebs and mouse droppings. Well I got under there and the insulation hit my arms and face, the fiberglass in the insulation is super itchy!!!!!!! While I was under the house I had to cut some copper pipe.

A guy named JD was baptized I'll send some pics!! It was awesome JD has been investigating for only 3 months, he stopped drinking coffee, he agreed to live the law of chastity, he pays his tithing, he fasts, and he comes to church all the time. He wakes up and has to be to work by 3:30 in the morning and he will remind everyone in the family who is already members hey we need to do family prayer and scriptures and then at like 11:00 he will sent out one text to us that said "is it normal that your eyes leak as you read the Book of Mormon?" I mean Holy Ghost present there. So it was quite exciting. He is like in his late 30's and the crazy part is he came to the missionaries and said hey how do I take he lessons and become a member? He wants to get his patriarchal blessing and the priesthood.

Well I know the gospel is true. God lives he is our father in heaven he loves us and knows us perfectly and unconditionally!!! Jesus is my friend he is a teacher he is my savior he is my role model, he lived a perfect life, he suffered in the garden and upon he cross so that we could be clean and return to live with him and God and our loved ones again in heaven. I know God answers prayers, that when we are going through a hard time we can rely on his love and mercy, he will help us in our lives he is aware of our struggles and knows our needs. This is my simple testimony in the name of Jesus Christ amen!!

Hang in there y'all,
Elder Walker