Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015 Transfers

Transfers were Saturday and well I got transferred :/  just kidding - hahahahaha but my trainer got transferred to Taylor which is by snowflake.  Now I have another companion  - he is pretty awesome.

So guess what's?!?!

I had my first baptism!!!!!!! I got to baptize a girl named Vanessa. She is the one I am standing by (picture 1)!!! :D  She lives in a small town called Corizzo where there are like 30 houses!!! That's it!!!!

We had another baptism which is this guy who is like in his 20-30s and he is soooooooooo cool.  He has been waiting a year to be baptized.  He is the guy on the left and his cousin is the one on the right who is baptizing him (picture 2).

We went to the temple for a lady named Cammi.  She just went through for her own endowment! (picture 3).  It was awesome.

Last but not least - I got a picture with an elder who just finished his mission on Sunday.  His 2 years are up. HE IS HUGE and I am little (picture 4)!!!! Hahaha

Soooo much happened this week!!!!! Ahhhh - baptisms, endowment and transfers!

Have a good week!


Elder Walker

Me with Vanessa (next to me) My First Baptism (Cibicue, AZ)
Investigator Baptized by His Cousin
Cammi w/the Missionaries at the Tempe for Her Endowment

The Elder That Just Finished and Got Released (He's a Giant)! :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015 Flying Time

I officially hate time - I'm almost 2 months out!!!! 

Feed my sheep from Jeffery R Holland is such a good talk!!!!! He is a spiritual

Well we have 3 investigators getting baptized this week. I'll have more to write next time.

Hey guess what? It is monsoon season and it was raining soooooo hard I ran outside to the truck in 8 seconds. I had to make it down a dirt driveway which had turned to mud and the truck was probably half a football field away. I got in the car in 8 seconds and guess what?!?! I was soaked from head to toe. I could wring out the water in my shirt!!!! :) hahaha it was sooooo great!!!!!

Well that's all for this week!!!! Love you all
I'll write more next week

    ~Elder Walker

P.S. Peppin you are gonna be a fantastic missionary bro - start prepping because you need to be more ready than I was. Ok? :D


Monday, August 3, 2015

August 3, 2015 Mission Life

Well about the mission the lessons are getting really easy to teach. I just open my mouth and I know what to say. I don't think about it I just say it as it comes. Right now we have 3 investigators with baptismal dates.

I feel like a celebrity because I will be walking on the road and the little kids all yell out "Walker!!!" Hahahaha isn't that funny?!?!

The people here are super nice! They just talk and talk because they
don't have anything to do. We on the other hand have lots of things to do.

Being on the reservation is a really big eye opener and makes you
sooooo humble because they live in poverty.  I'll take pics and send
them next week. I feel so bad for the apaches they have soooo little.

So guess what? My living situation is pretty crazy- we live in a trailer home. Church here is really different we only have 2 hours of church and we usually have 60-70ish people who come. We have priesthood and relief society and then we all come in together and have sacrament meeting.  It’s pretty cool because during the week they have 2 mutuals called youth night. They are on Tuesday and Thursday.  On Wednesday we have a thing called sports night. The apaches love basketball!!

Guess what?!?! I extended my first baptismal invitation and the guy accepted his name is smiley. Isn't that awesome? I committed someone to baptism!!! We also have another person we committed to baptism. At the baptismal service I will take pictures!!!!

Well that’s all for this week!

Love - the greatest most incredible, funniest, most awesome person ever to live in existence!;)