Monday, November 30, 2015

November 30, 2015 Hey Wazzup!

My week was nuts hahahha we did lots of things. We went to thanksgiving dinner early on Wednesday and it was crazy because me and my companion got food poisoning. We ate some bad turkey which we didn't know was bad and all night my stomach was being a monster and then we went on a hike. The hike was super cool. I hit into a cactus and it hurt. It stuck in the back of my legs so I pulled out the thorny spiky things and we continued up the mountain. We got to the top and it was beautiful!!! I loved that hike and when I get home boom!!!! I'm gonna go hiking!!!! I love it!!!!

Anyways during the hike I had ibs (irritable bowel syndrome) my tummy and digestive system was in agony I was dying!!!! After the hike, we had a lunch with turkey at a members and then we went and had studies. Then ate 3 dinners and yeah it was a fun day!!! See ya!! That's all for this week!!!

Elder Walker

Oh wait one quick quote

When the storms of life beat upon you and the whirlwinds of the world
tear you down, get up and push forward with a smile on your face and

wade through the waters of life with steadfast faith in Christ.

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015 An Awesome Week!

Hey y'all this week was awesome. We got to give a blessing and we had a fireside on Sunday it was super awesome this guy named brother saddleback from Canada shared his story of his kids his one son got hit and killed by a drunk driver when he found out he immediately went and prayed and got a super strong impression to forgive the person who killed his son. He said "I had the audacity to ask when?" He said the answer came immediately and very strongly, the Holy Ghost said immediately. It was an emotional roller coaster through the course of the night of the fireside.

We went on a camp out and it was sick!!! We got to go to a fire tower and climb it it is 102 ft!!! It was scary because the wind was blowing and I'm not in shape like I used to be!

Well anything else? Hmmmm oh yeah we had zone conference it was awesome we learned what appropriate ways to talk to the opposite gender and we had a killer training about what lack I yet and I found what I lack so I am trying to work on that.

Well that's all for now

Talk to y'all later! ~Elder Walker

The awesome scary view from the top of fire tower!

Monday, November 16, 2015

November 16, 2015 No Time to Write

Hey - sorry I didn't write. I had transfers and I am not in Cibecue anymore I got switched to another Rez in the valley!!! Culture shock is insane!!!!! I get to labor among the Pima Indians. My trainer is Shoshone. I love you and I'll write more next week.

~Elder Walker

Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Transfers!

Gues what?!?!?! I'm 2nd half training.

Guess what?!?! Transfers were yesterday. I am now in the Papago Maricopa Pima Reservation (REZ)

My trainee is named Elder Jenkins and guess what?!?! He is Shoshone!!!! 
I went from one Rez to another Rez and I get to train a native!! I love the Native Americans.

So guess what? Big, huge, fat culture shock - I went from a place where people had nothing to a placewhere there are nice houses they call it the "Rich Rez". Isn't that crazy?! 
I know I am suppose to work with the Native Americans!!! There's lots of work to do.
I'm out! ~Elder Walker

Monday, November 2, 2015

November 2, 2015 Prayer and Priesthood Blessings

Hey mom and dad guys guess what I might be training next transfer or
the transfer after! O.o this week was good. We had like 22 lessons
with recent converts and less actives and we had like 10 lessons with
investigators. Lanny is coming home thank you for praying for him he
is all healed the missionaries in the valley gave him a blessing in
the blessing they said Lenny you will have no problem recovering other
than the infection. It has been like a month and he is all healed
other than the piece of his skull on his head is missing so they are
gonna put back together or use titanium to make the piece of skull his
face on one side is all droopy because the part of skull is gone.

Well how are you all doing can you believe that it is already November
Ashley comes home sooo soon!! 

So my companion elder cox if you go back on dads side is my 4th cousin
1 time removed so hahaha me and my companion are related!

Well there is a lot of work to do here. Sorry it's short but I don't
have much time so at is all I'm gonna write.

I'm out!

Elder Walker