Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 Poetry and Mission Life

I thought I'd start off with a quote I came up with!
Do not fellowship the darkness, but harbor light within your soul.

I wrote a poem about the Savior

By Elder Walker

His body broken and torn apart
He bled from every pore
Showing love for all mankind
And the pains he meekly bore
His robe of red and his crown of thorns
Beaten, smitten, spit on, and killed
Pain he felt that the human mind cannot comprehend,
He suffered and bled and endured to the end!
My savior! My Savior! I shall cry,
And tears will run down my face as I look toward the sky
Remember Him, Remember Him
He did so much for you and me
Our Savior our brother our friend he shall be
Remember Him, Remember Him
Yes remember all that he did
For he suffered and died
That we all may live
With our father who dwells on high.

Once again I'd just like to say through words I can describe better what I feel through writing. It captures human emotion.

Elder Walker

Poetry is the essence of life
Through the rhythms, and rhymes, and word choice.
With each breath we take and each word we utter.
From paper and pen, to ink in a book, to the own sound of your voice.
'Tis truly touching the power of words and of writing and verse.
So poetry, Yes poetry it is the essence of life.

This week was soooo amazing I felt soooo close to my savior Jesus Christ!!! The spirit was soooo strong in our lessons. I made a cake for Darwyns wife Kelly's birthday. I also made my first tortillas. This week was good we had lots of lessons and got a new branch presidency. Guess what?!?! The first councilor is named Richard Brimhall and I did some family history and found out a lot about my ancestors on that side anyways me and him are 1st cousins 5 times removed. His grandpa 4 generations back and my grandpa 5 generations back are brothers he comes from Noah Brimhall and we come from George Washington Brimhall. George Washington Brimhall met up with his brothers who were headed to Zion and told them his wife had joined the strangites who believed in the Book of Mormon but are another church. She refused to go west with him so he left his home and his wife and children and headed west and met up with his brothers.

Hey y'all go on with life with a smile on your face and bring light
into people's life. :D

~Elder Walker I'm out!

Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 Getting Colder

Hey y'all it's getting colder well this week was crazy!! We got to do service 4 times this week we did it Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Monday today. It was good doing service I just love service it is always fun if you have a good attitude. I exerted so much energy with wood chopping this morning! It was crazy because I got the axe stuck in some wood and I took the axe and picked up the wood and slammed it down on another piece of wood and the piece of wood broke into like 4 pieces and splinters the splinters got stuck in my hand and sliced my pinky open it looked gross until I cleaned out the dirt and splinters and blood. Like I said I exerted so much energy during wood chopping this morning. My shirt was soaked I took it off and could wring out the sweat it was crazy my legs were all shaky and wobbly I was soaked and I was wet and sweaty and salty and nasty a shower never felt so good!! All is well life is great!!

Well the spirit was super strong this week. I had one of my prayers answered on Thursday and this is a prayer I prayed in the morning. I prayed for the opportunity to serve someone and well at 4 o'clock we were driving and all of a sudden we see this lady pulling weeds with this odd looking tool I had never seen before. It has like a rake on one side and on the other side it is sort of like a hoe anyways we stopped and asked if we could help we shook her hand and then I took the tool and worked hard and uprooted those weeds. Not only did we get the chance to do service but we got to meet her and she referred us to her boyfriend who is less active! So that was definitely a blessing.

One cool thing that I got to do that most people won't have the opportunity to do on their mission was I got to dedicate a grave. Serving with a branch has been a great honor and privilege because I get to experience things I would not be able to experience had I not been called to serve where I am. The spirit was so strong in that house during the testimony sharing meeting. You could definitely feel a spirit of genuine love and compassion for the couple who had a miscarriage. But it was soooo great we all said today is a day of sadness but also a day of great joy and praise. An investigator we have pretty much quoted a whole chapter and she didn't even know it she pretty much quoted the whole chapter of Alma 32. Then we went to the family cemetery and buried the body where I had the privilege of dedicating the grave. The spirit was sooo strong. It was a really cool experience. I was pretty nervous but it was cool!!!

I know that I have been called on my mission to this specific area. I have been called to labor among the Apache Native Americans. My # 1 reason for serving my mission is that I want to do the WILL OF MY FATHER IN HEAVEN!! If that means more fasting I'll fast more if it means study through my lunch and dinner break I will gladly do it. I will spend every ounce of energy in my body to do the will of the father!! I know God lives I know that he is my father and that he loves me. I know that Jesus Christ is my savior and redeemer. He suffered and bled and died for me he knows my sorrow my grief and my pain. I love my savior Jesus Christ. He is my brother my redeemer and my friend. I know the Book of Mormon is true I have had the spirit testify powerfully of its truthfulness so powerfully that I could not hold back my tears. Everyone if you don't have a testimony start with the desire to have one. Plant your seed in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. Nourish your seed feed it and it will grow into a beautiful tree. That tree will bear fruit and then you must share the fruit share your testimony often and to all people and they will plant seeds of their own go out and do God's work here upon the earth. You don't need a badge to do Gods work.

Elder Walker

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 Another Cool Week in Cibecue

Cool as in cold. This last week was a bum week we had like 8 less active lessons and only 2 or 3 lessons with investigators, but don't let that take you down this week will be better. Hold my head up high don't get discouraged because it's about to get a lot better.

We had lots of service last week we did service Monday, Thursday, and Friday!! We got to chop wood and dig post holes but it wasn't with a post hole digger it was those big huge metal bars that you break rocks with. The ground is clay so it is like hard as rock.

I am the worst with tools. I love chopping wood I love metal handled tools though. this log I was trying to chop was bigger around then my axe was long anyways I swung a really hard swing and once my axe hit all I heard was a CRACK!!!! Oh man I also felt pain in my hands. Well I
realized that I hit the very edge of the wood and my axe handle broke into splinters and the pieces of my axe handle went into my hand and sliced my hand open. So what did I do? I said well there's still more wood to split so I took the blade and flipped the axe handle around
and slammed the head back onto the handle so it was working for a little bit. I got like 5 more pieces of wood chopped then crack the handle broke and the axe head got stuck in the piece of wood. So I got on top of the log and kicked the head and it fell out - that was today. On Friday I broke the shovel I was digging and I got it in the clay and pushed it down toward the ground and again heard that aweful sound CRACK!!!! Ahhhhh not again!!! So my stress level was sort of high but what better way to get out frustration than chopping wood?? Hahaha it was funny.

Well lots of people in Cibecue call me Walker Texas ranger hahaha they go "in the eyes of a ranger!"

Well that's all for now everyone keep going on in life with a big smile on your face!!!

This is Elder Walker I'm out!
~Elder Walker


Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015 Conference, Service and Cibecue Update 2.0!

Hahahaha like my subject?!?! I am doing quite well here in Cibecue.  2 weeks ago we spent the least amount of money on food I think we will ever spend.  We spent less than $50 on a weeks worth of food for 4 men. 

So conference was fantastic we got to do service for a man named Darwyn.  He is not open to the Book of Mormon at all, anyways we did service with him on Saturday afternoon before the 2nd session of general conference.  We finished at 1 o'clock but when the 2nd session was starting we asked if he would like us to watch conference with him and his family.  Well guess what?!?!  He said yes!!!  So we watched it with him and his family and afterward he said he liked it and enjoyed it.  His less active wife Kelly gave an enthusiastic thumbs up!!  She really enjoyed it (especially the talk by Elder Holland)!!  Wasn't that a great talk?!?!

I too would like to focus on mothers just as Elder Holland did! 

I'd like to give a tribute to all the moms out there, you know all of you out there are like my other moms.  You are supportive of me and I love you all.  Mothers you all are very special and do sooooooo much more than you think you do.  You know you may not realize how much you do but take this little example:  when a little kid comes home from school and you make him or her something to eat, that means the world to them even though it was a very small thing you did!!  I mean the little kid is thinking "I'm starving!!! Awwwww!!!! Mommy made me a samwich!!! I love my mommy."  I just love all the moms back home:  Brenda Hick, Sue Carlisle, Janalee Morgan, Cresta, Cheryl, Jill, Ethyl, Deann, (sorry if I spelled any of your names wrong) to just name a FEW.  There are soooooo many mothers out there who deserve to be loved and appreciated.  For everyone who is not a mom - I say to you and give you this council, help your mom, do service for her, sweep the floor, clean the dishes or the bathroom, help her cook food, and do all this without being asked because moms are some of the hardest working people on the entire earth!!!  Love your mom by telling her you love her but more important than that, SHOW her that you love her by the things you do to help her, and let her know that she is loved and appreciated.

Now a little tribute to Fathers.  I wrote a poem.  It is a poem about love.  Love and devotion of a wife. I'll let the poem do the rest of the talking.

Love is spelled time - By Cody Walker

Months go by like hours 
And years pass on like days
Just like how seeds grow into flowers
Before you know it, you're old and gray
And your child has children and they have their own
And everyone is talking but you don't know what they say
For you are too old to see and to hear
And your life is slipping away
But you don't need to worry at all my dear friend
For you have your wife near and dear to you still
She will help you along and bring you back to the path
If you get lost or fall astray on your way
She will lift you up and hold your hand 
And will stay with you through struggle and strife 
So count yourself lucky my dear old friend
 Love her, yes love your wife, 
for if nothing else on this entire earth
She is and should be your whole life.

Mothers out there I cannot thank you enough, Grandma Lee and Grandma Walker - I love you both soooooooo very much.  I love you with all of my heart!!! I cannot describe through words how much I love you, for it would sound cheesy and cliché.  Just know that I would and will do anything and everything that you need or want me to do!!!

Aunt Lou I love you soooooo very much.  I love going to your place in Pennsylvania. I wrote a poem about the way I feel when I'm out at your house in the spring.

Spring - By Cody Walker

'Tis springtime at last
The flowers are growing 
with their roots running deep
The birds are singing in the brisk morning breeze
The grass is growing and getting greener each day
'Tis  springtime, 'Tis springtime
The earth seems to say
The days are just right not too hot or too cold
And the clovers and weeds all begin to grow
They shoot up and spread just like wildfires 
The Dogs bark and the crazy cocks crow 
'Tis a blessed time to lay and nap under a tree 
'Tis springtime, 'Tis springtime, 'Tis springtime indeed

I love writing poetry because it captures deep powerful human emotions through the power of words.

Next week I shall share my poem on poetry!! 

Well everyone, review notes from conference and read and re-read the talks when they come out.  The prophets and apostles are very wise men and you can learn a lesson of a lifetime from them!! 

Everyone - remember to love your moms.  Show them you love them by word AND by DEED it's like the saying, "Actions speak louder than words"!!! Once again I love you all and appreciate the support you give me!!! 

Now go out and do as I am doing.  Go out and do missionary work!!! 

And remember to email me all of you people.  I want to hear what's going on back home at all your homes.  My aunts, uncles, family and friends and yes the people in my home ward Highland 7th.  What's going on there? 

That is all I have to say this week.  Sorry it is soooo long but I have had all this on my mind. 

  ~ Elder Walker

Me after giving service in the rain (Cibecue, AZ)