Monday, October 17, 2016

October 17, 2016 Transfers and Michael's Baptism

I am staying in St. John's!!!!

To all of you people's Kenny is doing great, his truck is breaking down so he couldn't make it to church on Sunday he lives over 15 miles out of town. we had another baptism this week his name is Michael. He is an awesome hippy dude. He said "man he's a cool cat." Or he says "hey little brother, bring it in" when he talks to me he calls me little brother and always gives me a hug after the lessons!!! He got baptized this week. And confirmed Sunday!!

All of y'all who think Doberman's are these lovely nice cute doggies can think again and eat dirt!! I was hauling down this one street on my bike and this dog came up and was running along side me well I am nice and good natured so I was like hey he likes me. "Good doggy good doggy" I said and as I was talking to him he started barking and growling loudly and he went for my leg with his teeth and I peddled a little faster so his teeth sank through my pants and I felt his teeth touch my skin and felt and heard the ripping of my.......pants!!!! Hahahha he only got my pants and not my leg but his teeth grazed my leg. You can imagine what happened after that!!!! I screamed SHOOT!!!!! And kicked my bike into gear 3 and 7 the highest gears on the bike and hauled butt down the road thinking "there ain't no way this stupid dog gonna bite me." I flew past my companion who was in front of me and he looked back saw the dog and was like uh oh!! So we both went flying down the street. And lost the dog that was a fiend!!! I'll write some poetry on the dog and send it next week.

So transfer news was yesterday I found out that I am staying in my area. so by the end of this transfer I will have been in Saint John's for 6 months.

Guess what?! We got a truck for 2 days out of the week. We don't have to bike in our 480+ sq. miles area if this miracle didn't occur we would never touch as much as we could with a car. The truck sucks though. It is a Nissan Frontier. But still we gots a truck.

Well I don't have much to say other than I got hurt on me leg. A 1000 pound tire one of the ones the earth movers use. the tire was 7 feet tall an 29  inches wide and it fell on my legs and had me trapped. I sat with my legs smashed under the tire for like 1 minute before I called for help there were only 2 people there doing service. A member and my comp. my comp is a big boy and he has what me and him call fat guy strength. They came running over tripping over tires and falling and got to me as fast as they could. They lifted it up a quarter of an inch and I slid my right leg out. Then they put it back down on my left leg that was still stuck.  then tried over and over to pick it back up so he ran to the truck and grabbed a shovel they dug where my leg was and I pulled really hard when they picked up the tire with all they had an only could lift the tire half an inch off the ground enough for me to slide my leg out. I was free. My leg is fine I had a limp for a few days and it is doing fine now.

Well love y'all talk toya later 

~ Elder Walker

Michael's Baptism

Our Area (St Johns AZ to New Mexico Boarder)

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 Kenny Got Baptized!

Hey y'all this week was awesome!!!!!! Ahhhhh we did tons of service we had a couple lessons and we had a baptism!!!!!

Kenny got baptized!!!! His hair was all crazy and long and he had a big old beard and when he showed up at church at first he came in a dirty shirt dirty pants and some old tennis shoes. The next time he came in a white polo and some black jeans and those same shoes. The next time he came he showed up in a white button up shirt and the black jeans and same shoes. Then the next week at church he showed up in a white shirt and tie and some slacks and dress shoes with his hair cut and beard shaved leaving his mustache there. Total transformation physically and his countenance is changed completely!!! He stopped smoking and already wants to do lots of missionary work!!!!!

He was like "I can go where you guys wouldn't be comfortable I would go into a bar and say hey all you put away the beer and drinks you guys in the corner put up the dope here are some book of Mormons and some pamphlets let's open up to..."

So yeah complete change!!!!

Elder Walker

Kenny's Baptism

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Missions - A test of spiritual, mental and physical strength!

Hey family and friends what's up with all y'all.

This week was pretty fun.

Teaching lots exchanges and jokes.

So yeah that was the week. It was awesome oh I also had a crazy service I did. The others were out doing other things and I was left to dig out the fire pit the fire pit is like 3 feet tall and it was a steel pit weighing 600 lbs!!!!! I tried with all my strength and could not get it to budge. I then dug it so I could fit two hands underneath well I went and stuck my hands underneath and exerted all my strength in my legs, back, and arms, and lifted it up to my chest. I had to reposition my hands so I layed the 600 pounds on my chest and switched my hands and then using all my strength once again, I flipped the barrel over and my strength was sapped. I did that alone nobody helped me I was tired afterwards. My for arms and back are still sore today. My legs are fine though. Pretty crazy right?!?! 600 lbs!!!

God lives. The gospel is true. I know Jesus is the Christ and he will help us through our trials and challenges.

I love you all stay true to what you know and do. Love ya

~ Elder Walker

Monday, September 26, 2016

September 26, 2016 Service

Thank you everyone for wishing me a happy birthday and sending me emails and notes I really enjoy that can't ask for a better gift than a card note or email.

This week was very interesting week.  Not much happened I had a migraine for 4 days straight and had stomach issues for 3 days so me and my comp were sick all week. When we had strength sufficient we went out and worked hard. We helped with service. We went to the mountains and cut 15 cords of wood we had a dump truck that was filled all the way full and like 4 trailers and all the truck beds were full the wards here in Saint John's have ward wood piles that they do so everyone who burns wood who can't go out and get it themselves can have wood. We fall the trees, cut them up into big rounds, and load them, then after a while we split the wood.

~ Elder Walker

Monday, September 12, 2016

September 12, 2016 County Fair and 20 Years Old!

This week was crazy guess what?!?! It was the county fair guess what guys? There was a creative writing booth well wanting to be as much a part of the community as possible I submitted my poetry. 2 entries in the adult categories one was a rhyming poem and I took 3rd place and then I put in a free verse poem alone and guess what I won 1st place. I also received prize money and got $8 dollars it was awesome!!! Well the fair was awesome!!! We contacted a TON of people!!!!

We watched the mud bogs and supported some less active members who were driving through the mud bogs.

Well I am officially 20 as of today!!!!

I had 16 deviled eggs and then went and had a foot long at subway!!! We went to the fair where these little girls selling cotton candy at a stand called pretty little ladies cotton candy came up to us gave us high fives and knuckles and gave us free cotton candy. Then we went to see output investigator who was by the food stands and his friend one of the members in our ward gave me 10 dollars to buy a funnel cake with cream hot Carmel and apples it was HUGE!!!! I had to go home really bad so we went home and I threw up!!! It was awful!!!!

So yeah that's life love y'all

~ Elder Walker

A member invited us over for cake for my 20th Birthday! :)