Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016 Kenny Got Baptized!

Hey y'all this week was awesome!!!!!! Ahhhhh we did tons of service we had a couple lessons and we had a baptism!!!!!

Kenny got baptized!!!! His hair was all crazy and long and he had a big old beard and when he showed up at church at first he came in a dirty shirt dirty pants and some old tennis shoes. The next time he came in a white polo and some black jeans and those same shoes. The next time he came he showed up in a white button up shirt and the black jeans and same shoes. Then the next week at church he showed up in a white shirt and tie and some slacks and dress shoes with his hair cut and beard shaved leaving his mustache there. Total transformation physically and his countenance is changed completely!!! He stopped smoking and already wants to do lots of missionary work!!!!!

He was like "I can go where you guys wouldn't be comfortable I would go into a bar and say hey all you put away the beer and drinks you guys in the corner put up the dope here are some book of Mormons and some pamphlets let's open up to..."

So yeah complete change!!!!

Elder Walker

Kenny's Baptism

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