Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016 Missions - A test of spiritual, mental and physical strength!

Hey family and friends what's up with all y'all.

This week was pretty fun.

Teaching lots exchanges and jokes.

So yeah that was the week. It was awesome oh I also had a crazy service I did. The others were out doing other things and I was left to dig out the fire pit the fire pit is like 3 feet tall and it was a steel pit weighing 600 lbs!!!!! I tried with all my strength and could not get it to budge. I then dug it so I could fit two hands underneath well I went and stuck my hands underneath and exerted all my strength in my legs, back, and arms, and lifted it up to my chest. I had to reposition my hands so I layed the 600 pounds on my chest and switched my hands and then using all my strength once again, I flipped the barrel over and my strength was sapped. I did that alone nobody helped me I was tired afterwards. My for arms and back are still sore today. My legs are fine though. Pretty crazy right?!?! 600 lbs!!!

God lives. The gospel is true. I know Jesus is the Christ and he will help us through our trials and challenges.

I love you all stay true to what you know and do. Love ya

~ Elder Walker

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