Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016 Michael and Kenny

Hey mom sorry I didn't email last week I didn't have time on p day. We went on an 8 hour hike we had to drive a while then we went on he hike. I learned how to make an arrowhead!!! Then we had to drive back and when we got back it was late.

Well news!!!!! Me and my companion were in church and this guy who is awesome looking comes up to us. Has a soul patch and always wear sunglasses because of a problem he has with light. Well he introduced himself to us as Michael he openly said "I am not an lds but would like the lessons." Well fast Sunday he loved the testimonies, felt the spirit so strong it brought tears to his eyes he was sooooo amazed. So we started teaching him 2 weeks ago and the 2nd lesson which was last week he says "come on guys dunk me now use the sink if you have to." He told us that like 15 more times you know "let's get this show on the road, let's do it now, baptize me!!!" So he is progressing really well he studies every day from the Book of Mormon the pearl of great price and from the doctrine and covenants and guess what he reads he reads Jesus the Christ!!!! That is crazy!!! His knowledge of the gospel is sooo strong!!! So we had a lesson last night we talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ!! It was a great lesson he was very into it and we set a baptismal date he is planning on being baptized on September 10th!!! Woohoo!!!!

Well guess what else?!?! I talked about Kenny this guy who has long shoulder length hair and a goatee and glasses. He is super awesome he was praying one night and after his prayer he heard these words "Kenny you are doing the right thing keep going with it." Boom!! That's crazy this guy has had a hard life and has been a rough character but his countenance is totally changed he is really into the gospel he wants to change his life around he wants to get baptized but the crazy part he said "I want to get baptized, but I want to be off cigarettes so we'll set a date after I am off" so he is really wanting to get baptized and is aware of things he needs to do. So great things are happening!!!! We went from nobody to teach to boom two people want to be baptized out of nowhere!! I knew that if we would work hard that Heavenly Father would bless us. I know Heavenly Father lives I know he blesses us with what we need. I know that Jesus is our savior and that he preformed the atonement for us.

Elder Walker

Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 Rain, Mud, Service

We did some more service this week. We shoveled sooo much gravel it took us 5 and a half hours and we are like halfway done!!! So yeah tomorrow we get to do more service.

So again we are trying to get more people to teach we are gonna do lots of tracting. Which is where we go door to door! I get nervous talking to random people until I get to know them.

So I went under a house again to level out the floor I was in there when one elder said "elder Walker did you crap your pants?!?!" Well I was kicking up tons of dust that smelled like straight up crap because it was!!! The ground was layered with rat poo and it stunk really bad it is a dang good thing I had a mask on.

Well we are gonna do service tracting where we dress up in service clothes knock doors and ask if anyone needs service. Pretty interesting!!

So my comp is really into cars he is super smart with cars when he talks about them there is nothing I understand!!

So that's all about life!!!

Just kidding I had a blast when it rained it was AWESOME!!!! The dirt and mud actually washed out of my clothes!!!!!

Love y'all 
Elder Walker 

Bike riding in the rain and mud!

Believe it or not - the mud did wash out! :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

August 1, 2016 Kenny and Brother Trail

We had 2 lessons with crazy people this week one was a guy named Kenny!!!! Kenny is this old man who has a shag and a goatee he climbs trees while he is drunk. Like that is his job is to climb trees and cut limbs down with a chainsaw well pretty crazy right?!

We spent like an hour and a half teaching the plan of salvation and it was crazy he kept asking off the wall questions. Well we got through the whole lesson. He went home, prayed and got an answer to his question a voice said as clear as day "Kenny you are doing the right thing continue meeting with these men" ahhhh!!!! Isn't that crazy?!?! Definitely being worked on by the spirit. 

I am glad my Tetanus shot is still good. I stepped on a rusty nail it went right through my boot into my foot!!! I have never felt such pain in my foot!!!! 😮😮  It swelled up a ton and I couldn't walk where it went in. So yeah that was on Wednesday last week now it's all better!!!

Well doing tons of finding don't really have a teaching pool.

Here is my comp from last transfer - Elder Grimes and my comp from this transfer – Elder Pearcy.

Brother trail he is HILARIOUS!!!! He talks about like cyborgs on the moon. He says that before the flood Giants were as big as mountains and after the flood they were a lot smaller. He says "UFO's are not aliens, they are Satan's people." Hahaha he says "zombies do exist!! they do!!! Since Satan's people can't have bodies they wait till someone is dead and decomposing then they possess the dead body and walk around earth doing wicked things!!!" Hahahaha. He is soooo great to listen to. We went over to him on Saturday and he talked to me while his wife helped my companion make moccasins he talked to me all about Christ and how things work because of him, his energy emanates to all things causing them to work. He said "Elder Walker the atom bomb isn't a separation of atoms splitting them apart, it is a separation of the atoms from Christ that's what makes a BOOM!!!!!"

So yeah I might be making a cradle board where the apaches hold their babies in. It's safe to use and is really cool!!!!

Love y'all
Elder Walker

Comp from last transfer - Elder Grimes

Comp for this transfer - Elder Pearcy