Monday, August 8, 2016

August 8, 2016 Rain, Mud, Service

We did some more service this week. We shoveled sooo much gravel it took us 5 and a half hours and we are like halfway done!!! So yeah tomorrow we get to do more service.

So again we are trying to get more people to teach we are gonna do lots of tracting. Which is where we go door to door! I get nervous talking to random people until I get to know them.

So I went under a house again to level out the floor I was in there when one elder said "elder Walker did you crap your pants?!?!" Well I was kicking up tons of dust that smelled like straight up crap because it was!!! The ground was layered with rat poo and it stunk really bad it is a dang good thing I had a mask on.

Well we are gonna do service tracting where we dress up in service clothes knock doors and ask if anyone needs service. Pretty interesting!!

So my comp is really into cars he is super smart with cars when he talks about them there is nothing I understand!!

So that's all about life!!!

Just kidding I had a blast when it rained it was AWESOME!!!! The dirt and mud actually washed out of my clothes!!!!!

Love y'all 
Elder Walker 

Bike riding in the rain and mud!

Believe it or not - the mud did wash out! :)

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