Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015 Poetry and Mission Life

I thought I'd start off with a quote I came up with!
Do not fellowship the darkness, but harbor light within your soul.

I wrote a poem about the Savior

By Elder Walker

His body broken and torn apart
He bled from every pore
Showing love for all mankind
And the pains he meekly bore
His robe of red and his crown of thorns
Beaten, smitten, spit on, and killed
Pain he felt that the human mind cannot comprehend,
He suffered and bled and endured to the end!
My savior! My Savior! I shall cry,
And tears will run down my face as I look toward the sky
Remember Him, Remember Him
He did so much for you and me
Our Savior our brother our friend he shall be
Remember Him, Remember Him
Yes remember all that he did
For he suffered and died
That we all may live
With our father who dwells on high.

Once again I'd just like to say through words I can describe better what I feel through writing. It captures human emotion.

Elder Walker

Poetry is the essence of life
Through the rhythms, and rhymes, and word choice.
With each breath we take and each word we utter.
From paper and pen, to ink in a book, to the own sound of your voice.
'Tis truly touching the power of words and of writing and verse.
So poetry, Yes poetry it is the essence of life.

This week was soooo amazing I felt soooo close to my savior Jesus Christ!!! The spirit was soooo strong in our lessons. I made a cake for Darwyns wife Kelly's birthday. I also made my first tortillas. This week was good we had lots of lessons and got a new branch presidency. Guess what?!?! The first councilor is named Richard Brimhall and I did some family history and found out a lot about my ancestors on that side anyways me and him are 1st cousins 5 times removed. His grandpa 4 generations back and my grandpa 5 generations back are brothers he comes from Noah Brimhall and we come from George Washington Brimhall. George Washington Brimhall met up with his brothers who were headed to Zion and told them his wife had joined the strangites who believed in the Book of Mormon but are another church. She refused to go west with him so he left his home and his wife and children and headed west and met up with his brothers.

Hey y'all go on with life with a smile on your face and bring light
into people's life. :D

~Elder Walker I'm out!

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