Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 Another Cool Week in Cibecue

Cool as in cold. This last week was a bum week we had like 8 less active lessons and only 2 or 3 lessons with investigators, but don't let that take you down this week will be better. Hold my head up high don't get discouraged because it's about to get a lot better.

We had lots of service last week we did service Monday, Thursday, and Friday!! We got to chop wood and dig post holes but it wasn't with a post hole digger it was those big huge metal bars that you break rocks with. The ground is clay so it is like hard as rock.

I am the worst with tools. I love chopping wood I love metal handled tools though. this log I was trying to chop was bigger around then my axe was long anyways I swung a really hard swing and once my axe hit all I heard was a CRACK!!!! Oh man I also felt pain in my hands. Well I
realized that I hit the very edge of the wood and my axe handle broke into splinters and the pieces of my axe handle went into my hand and sliced my hand open. So what did I do? I said well there's still more wood to split so I took the blade and flipped the axe handle around
and slammed the head back onto the handle so it was working for a little bit. I got like 5 more pieces of wood chopped then crack the handle broke and the axe head got stuck in the piece of wood. So I got on top of the log and kicked the head and it fell out - that was today. On Friday I broke the shovel I was digging and I got it in the clay and pushed it down toward the ground and again heard that aweful sound CRACK!!!! Ahhhhh not again!!! So my stress level was sort of high but what better way to get out frustration than chopping wood?? Hahaha it was funny.

Well lots of people in Cibecue call me Walker Texas ranger hahaha they go "in the eyes of a ranger!"

Well that's all for now everyone keep going on in life with a big smile on your face!!!

This is Elder Walker I'm out!
~Elder Walker


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