Monday, November 9, 2015

November 9, 2015 Transfers!

Gues what?!?!?! I'm 2nd half training.

Guess what?!?! Transfers were yesterday. I am now in the Papago Maricopa Pima Reservation (REZ)

My trainee is named Elder Jenkins and guess what?!?! He is Shoshone!!!! 
I went from one Rez to another Rez and I get to train a native!! I love the Native Americans.

So guess what? Big, huge, fat culture shock - I went from a place where people had nothing to a placewhere there are nice houses they call it the "Rich Rez". Isn't that crazy?! 
I know I am suppose to work with the Native Americans!!! There's lots of work to do.
I'm out! ~Elder Walker

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