Wednesday, August 19, 2015

August 19, 2015 Transfers

Transfers were Saturday and well I got transferred :/  just kidding - hahahahaha but my trainer got transferred to Taylor which is by snowflake.  Now I have another companion  - he is pretty awesome.

So guess what's?!?!

I had my first baptism!!!!!!! I got to baptize a girl named Vanessa. She is the one I am standing by (picture 1)!!! :D  She lives in a small town called Corizzo where there are like 30 houses!!! That's it!!!!

We had another baptism which is this guy who is like in his 20-30s and he is soooooooooo cool.  He has been waiting a year to be baptized.  He is the guy on the left and his cousin is the one on the right who is baptizing him (picture 2).

We went to the temple for a lady named Cammi.  She just went through for her own endowment! (picture 3).  It was awesome.

Last but not least - I got a picture with an elder who just finished his mission on Sunday.  His 2 years are up. HE IS HUGE and I am little (picture 4)!!!! Hahaha

Soooo much happened this week!!!!! Ahhhh - baptisms, endowment and transfers!

Have a good week!


Elder Walker

Me with Vanessa (next to me) My First Baptism (Cibicue, AZ)
Investigator Baptized by His Cousin
Cammi w/the Missionaries at the Tempe for Her Endowment

The Elder That Just Finished and Got Released (He's a Giant)! :)

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