Monday, July 11, 2016

July 11, 2016 Mission Life

There was soooo much that goes into the restoration

Preparing for the Restoration
The Renaissance
The Protestant Reformation
Events in America
And sooo much goes into each of those topics I've mentioned above. So study up. As Ezra Taft Benson said study the constitution that is my commitment to you all.

So life I was sick yesterday I was super duper dizzy and my body lost soooo much strength. I had like 5 nosebleeds because the air is sooo dry. The nosebleeds would last like 15 minutes of constant running well the last one I had I almost fell over while taking care of it. I was not feeling good at all I laced down on the couch and my body was soooo weak. Well I am better now!!!! We meet the new mission president today. Well I already have he came to me shook my hand gave me a hug, asked me my name, asked where I was from and then went on his way. So brief but good I get to receive trainings from him later today!!!

We have started the stop smoking program in our wards. It is a 15 step program that will allow people to quit smoking in 7 days!!!!! Doesn't matter how long they have been trying. This one lady we did it with had been smoking for 15 years and in 7 days she was repulsed by cigarettes when she smelled them she almost throws up now.

Well I'll tell you more next week!!!

Elder Walker

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