Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 Arizona Day 1 (Written by Sis. Bass - Mission Secretary)

Dear Parents:

Please excuse this mass email, but I wanted to get the news of the safe arrival of your missionary to you as soon as possible.  It is a little later than I had hoped for! So I hope you haven’t been too anxious!

 The flight was about 30-45 min. late which threw off our day’s schedule of events slightly.  But the missionaries are a great group, very alert, and eager to get to work.  They are very enthusiastic and we are impressed with their desires to serve the Lord.

 President has interviewed each of them, they  have endured our orientation, and have gone out with the missionaries doing some street contacting.  And now they’re eating a yummy dinner of “CafĂ© Rio” which all the missionaries love.  It’s the big burrito menu item filled with their choice of toppings.  I assure you, they will be well fed tonight!

 Tomorrow morning they are up at 6 am doing sport with President, then breakfast at the mission home with cereal, pancakes, bacon and fruit.  Sister Sweeney knows how to feed missionaries and what they love! She spoils them rotten!

 Next week I will send you some hard copy photos of your missionary with President and Sister Sweeney and a group photo so you can post it on your refrigerator or in a scrapbook!  It takes a while to get them back from the printers but you have a wonderful personal letter from President Sweeney and it will be worth the wait.  I would expect toward next Friday (July 17th).

 Thank you for sending us your most cherished possession and we promise to take good care of them.  Give them this first transfer (6 weeks) to really settle in. Try not to worry about them! Remember you have entrusted them into our care to turn them into Men and Women! And President does a great job! We sent home 18 this morning and they are well groomed future leaders of The Church! We have no need to fear for our future leadership in The Church!

 “Wherefore, be not weary in well-doing,
 for ye are laying the foundation of a
 great work.  And out of small things
 proceedeth that which is great.” 
 D&C 64:33

Sister Bass
(Arizona Scottsdale Mission Secretary)

Me with missionaries and President and Sister Sweeney (Arizona Day 1)

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