Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27, 2015 One Month Down

Hey guess what I am 1/24 of the way done!!! Noooo!!!!!

Anyways was the reunion good? :D I bet it was.

How is Preston? Is he gonna email me? I haven't got an email from him. How has his summer been?

Are you all doing well? Is anything new?

Preston should read Moses 7.  I really like Mosiah 3:18-20. It is really cool and talks about becoming as a little child. I'd say I am like a child quite a bit.

Anyways when you fast - fast for 24 hours it gives you a ton of strength!

So I got stung by a bee and oh man!! It hurt so bad I was like ouch man that hurt like a butcher on a stick (for Preston ;) hahaha! I will send pics. (You’ll be able to see the difference from my left hand and my right.

I really love the sunsets here. The picture of the sunset is at a place called the rodeo grounds.

Now don't forget who all your favorite friend, brother, cousin, nephew, and son is. It’s me!!!! Hahaha

Well that's all for this week - next week things are gonna be crazy!!! ;D

~ Your favorite kid ;) haha
Elder Walker

Normal Right Hand :)
My Swollen Hand from a Bee Sting!:/

Sunset at the rodeo grounds - Cibicue, AZ (1st Area)


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