Monday, June 27, 2016

June 27, 2016 JD and Service

So time to talk about the week. We had a lesson with JD this week we taught the law of chastity, the priesthood, and the atonement!!! A couple days before the lesson guess what JD said!!!!!!!! He said I can't wait until I am baptized then I can get the priesthood and also get my patriarchal blessing!!! His baptism is this Sunday!!!!!

We did some service this week. I took out half of the weeds In a backyard with a shovel so my forearms hurt Some weird lady at the store looked at me and was staring at me then she said "you would look SOOOO good with gold eyebrows"

So yeah not really much happened this week. So yeah

Just kidding president Sweeney leaves Wednesday!!!!

Elder Walker

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