Monday, June 20, 2016

June 20, 2016 St. Johns

The people in Saint John's really take care of us. We get subway half off I got a huge fat foot long for 3 dollars and I loaded a 6inch up with veggies and only had to pay $1.49 that's sooooo cheap!!! We get free drinks from the gas station like the fountain drinks sort of like a big gulp. But not called a big gulp. We get free ice cream on Fridays and we get free snow cones once a week. We don't have a Walmart here in town. Restraints we have tlcs which is a family owned little diner. We have a subway we have a Mexican restaurant called el cupidos and an authentic Mexican place el camino. And for our stores here there is a really expensive store called Wilbur's which we will only buy eggs and fresh produce from like veggies and there is a dollar general which we shop at.

Fishing is sooooo fun!!!! I learned patience when we went fishing. I caught nothing for 4 hours and then in less then 30 minutes I had my limit of 6. altogether the 5 of us caught 30 fish. I got super sunburnt!

Love you all!!!! 
~Elder Walker 

The sky looks cloudy but not because of smoke!!!! 


Fish we caught

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