Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016 Transfers!!!

Hey y'all guess what?!?!?!!?? I got transferred guess where?!?!?

I'll tell you a little background story so my mission president calls me into his office and says "elder Walker I need leaders I am not talking about zone leaders of district leaders because they are easy to find I need individual leaders elders who can go to ANY area that I call them and they will do miracles and wonders there in helping grow the missionary work. You are one of those elders. I need you to be able to go from area to area." The next thing he said was crazy "get ready for your next assignment the lord has something big for you and your companion to do." Then the climax "you will be opening up an area where you will be doing 100% less active work! If you get a referral you ship then off the other missionaries the only teaching of investigators you will do is if a part member family is less active."

So guess what I get to do. Start up an area doing strictly less active work guess how I felt? Hahahaha I felt completely inadequate but I know that through the atonement of Jesus Christ I will be given strength. And I will be guided by the Holy Ghost as I work hard and as I am obedient. I know God lives and loves us. This is his church. I have been called on my mission to bring the lost sheep into the fold. The lord has prepared a way for every soul to come back to him.

My companion said one crazy thing "the story of this transfer will be prayer!" And how that rings true, so true. We ALWAYS start studies with a prayer we'll ever since the transfer began we have continually been fed what we need to do to have success. All y'all back home who are less active and who will possibly read his know that I will get home and do all within my power and call upon the powers of heaven to help you in your lives and to bring you back to the fold of God.

Have a great week and go out and find lost sheep.

Elder Walker

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