Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016 "Rain"

Hi guys,

Guess what?! :D I had a boss week.

I had a great week I got to go on splits with brother stokum who is 96 years old he doesn't use a cane or walker or anything so he walks around on his own 2 feet he was baptized at 90 years old. We also went out with him to a lesson it was super good we gave the person a blessing and helped them out them talked to them and made them happy!!!

This poem was written by a missionary I lived with at my last area.
Elder Thomas he is cool. And this is a really good Poem.

Whenever I've heard of rain in a tale
It stands for sadness or grief.
But from a small desert town in Arizona
I now see it as relief.

The rain means a cloud is blocking the sun
So we cannot feel its light.
And with the rain comes thick heavy storms
That roll on through the night.

Inside, the siorms reflect our own lives,
The burdens and trials we bear,
And it feels as though we've been left all alone,
That God no longer does care.

"Oh, Lord, why must you torment me so?"
We cry to the heaves above,
Have I done some evil, something bad, something wrong
So that you would withdraw your love

"This rain is so heavy, so cold on my skin.
I'm shivering, soaked to the heart.
And any fire I light to warm me this night
Is put out before it can start

"Then the lightning flashes and the thunders roar
And an old tree bursts into flames.
Then that fire will spread until everything's dead
And I'm left with no shelter to ciaim."

So we sit for some time, too weary to move,
And forget that the sun stili shines.
When from far above the dark clouds in the sky,
The Lord softly, gently reminds

"My child, my child, lift up your head.
I am here, and always will be.
I will open your eyes, and you might be surprised
To know what it is that i see.

"Consider the rain, my dear little child,
For ail the good that it does,
And remember that I see the future to come,
Not just what is and what was.

"The rain soaks your clothes, true, weighing you down
And you struggle with every stride.
But when the storm comes and the winds blow hard
The weight means you're not pushed aside.

"The lightning comes hard, yes, and lights up the sky
And the fire burns away the old.
But without the rain, those flames would spread
And it couid never be controlled.

"And when the old's gone, there is space in the ground
For new, stronger things to grow.
And the old feeds the young as it climbs for the sun
Bringing better protection in tow.

"So rernember, my child,
I don't punish with rain
But I use it to strengthen your soul.
Because my rain isn't like that from storm on the earth:
It's Living Water, pure and whole."

So now when I see all the storms of my life
I no longer just think of pain,
But now like the man in that dry, desert land
I say "Lord, I am grateful for rain."

BIG NEWS!!!!!!! They changed transfers. Transfers now we find out transfer news Thursday and then Friday we go to our new area. Either member rides or public transportation like the light rail or rides
from mission vehicles are the way of transportation I think that that is crazy don't you? Public transportation to go to a new area. Before we got transfer news on Saturday and we went to our new area Tuesday after transfer meeting!

Love you guys!
Elder Walker

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