Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016 Bomber Week

Oh my heck Friday we went to this investigator named James house so his wife answers the door and we say is James here. she goes yeah!!! So James comes out, mind you I've never ever met this dude. He comes to the door and he is JACKED OUT OF HIS FREAKING MIND!!!!!!! This guy is 5 foot 9 and he is 240 POUNDS OF PURE MUSCLE!!!!! he is huge he says "when you want to come by or want to do service come by, we'll have a lesson well do service I'll cook up some steaks." This guy was like "if anybody messes with you, you tell me because I'm the guy who messes people up who mess with my missionaries!!!" Hahahaha we were like "bro I bet you could mess them up your freaking jacked!!! And he was like dude I'm out of shape!!!" He used to do professional boxing and used to make a 7 figure salary! He has trained missionaries after their mission for UFC and boxing.

So about the mission we have A LOT TO DO!!!!!!! It is pretty hard because work has been backed up for so long. in our area there are 260+ potential investigators who might want to hear the gospel. A potential investigator is someone who once made contact with the missionaries maybe on the street or at a booth or somewhere but either they don't answer the door or the missionary never goes by. So they never get taught a lesson. So we have to find out if they are still interested or if they even live there and here are over 260 houses we have to go by. we have lots of work.

our mission is making a push to teach member missionary lessons so what that is, is they are short little 10 -15 minute lessons where we teach members of the church to do missionary work. It ranges anywhere from using social media, to creating a mission plan, to inviting someone to church or to meet with missionaries. So it goes over a lot and it will be for about a year.

So Guys I have 2 commitments for you. Will you individually and as a family pray for opportunities to do missionary work? The hardest part about doing missionary work is opening your mouth. So my 2nd commitment is Will you pray as individuals as well as a family to have the courage to open your mouths when the opportunities arise to do missionary work?

I can promise you that as you pray for opportunities to do missionary work that they will come your way and it is a promise over and over in the scriptures that as you "treasure up in your mind continually the words of life it shall be given you what you shall say" also "take ye no thought beforehand what he shall say"

It is my testimony that God lives. God the eternal father lives! And loves us. I testify that Jesus Christ is the savior and redeemer of mankind, he bled and died for us so that we may return to live with him again, and that without his sacrifice we would not make it to
heaven. I know Joseph smith was a prophet he was called of God to restore Christ's church here upon the earth once again. I know that I have been called to Arizona to this great work so that I can further the work of the kingdom of God here upon the earth. I know from personal experience that as you pray for opportunities to do missionary work Heavenly Father will throw experiences your way. I know that he Holy Ghost will promo you on what to say. So listen to the holy host listen to the promptings of the spirit but more than listening you must act. A wise missionary I know once said "the more you act on a spiritual prompting, the more spiritual promptings you will receive." I have a testimony of prayer I know that prayer is the way we communicate to God and that God hears every prayer you pray to him and he not only hears them but he answers them but God will answer prayers it may not be at the time you want him to and it might not even be the way you want it but God is all knowing and all powerful he has a plan and knows what is best for us. I leave my testimony with you In The name of my savior, redeemer and brother, Jesus Christ, amen.

-Elder Walker

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