Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16, 2015 Transfers

Hey I'm not on the Rez no more. My transfer news - I'm in white
people work what we call "white work" and have to be around white
people. I am in Mesa 5th ward and my companion is Elder Bouck. He and
I are pretty much the exact same person so it's hilarious!!!!

Pic 1: The one with the ball is my companion (Elder Bouck – 3rd Comp/3rd Area - Mesa)
Pic 2: This is me and Delbert. He is cool. We went to the temple lights in Mesa - you guys need to go one year it is awesome

Hey mom and dad - you guys totally need to serve! The couple missionaries are super awesome and you would really enjoy it!!!!

Love you all

Elder Walker

Elder Bouck - 3rd Companion/3rd Area

Me and Delbert at Temple Lights (Mesa, AZ)

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